Magic Xylo Lite - learn to play xylophone App Reviews

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Bad app

Wen u slide ur finger across the bars it will crash ur iPhone/iPod It's soo bad I think we should get payed for using this app

Nice app

Only missing sharps and flats. Otherwise it was perfect.


No sharps or flats?!!!


first of all there was no sharps or flats. then the sound was terrible and i slided my finger across it and it made a horrible sound so i pressed home and it kept going and it was really loud. it made my i pod go really slow and deleted most of my apps, inculding the ones i paid for! So then it didn't delete itself so i deleted and will never buy it again. DO NOT BUY THIS APP hdgjhyfjjkhueuh


This app was terrible! Made my iPod crash


This was terrible if i could give it a lower star i would I play the xylophone and so i thought hey why not its free Well there is a reason its free

Crash monster

I couldn't hardly play for it crashing!! I was mad and thought this game was stupid for the crashing and I think if u couldn't make it with out crashing than don't even Make a game it was crappy even for free one

It was ok .....

It crashes so now I'm afraid to slide it up and down. It is free though, so that is good. The sound is weird at times, but I did kinda like it. For people who are complaining, be glad it is free.




Wat the heck I couldnt even hear it. Please fix :)

Needs a lot of work

I have No idea what key is what note, there is no sharp/flat keys, and when you slide up and down the keyboard it makes an awful noise that doesn't even stop when the app is turned off


Okay, just why the heck are the sound pitches so high? Woodstock sounds good, tone the others down

This sucked!!!!!

This made my iPod freeze for ten minutes and it kept playing the muisic when I turned the volume off

Magicxylo free



As a percussionist, I downloaded this app thinking it would be fun. However, it's nothing like a real xylo. For starters, a real xylo has sharp keys similar to the black keys on a piano. This does not. Bad app.

Sound please

Why won't it make noise

Bad app

Makes a static noise when you slide up or down


It's not making any sound...... >:(

Good Xylophone

This is a good app

it does what it's supposed to

it's a little like the mini piano, if you like that kind of stuff then it's great but it's madd boring after a couple of minutes. oh, and the quality of when your rolling up and down the xylophone clashes

Like the price

Appreciate the free price. Thanks!


I'm so glad that my xylo is now free.

Pretty decent for free

The sound is ok but it glitches sometimes. Needs more octaves, but hey, it's free

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